Another Philosophy Course Blog?

The Philosophy Dept at University of California, Santa Barbara has a course blog at: – they seem to really get stuck into the comments thing too.

I like their discussion of whether of not Unicorns exist at:

Maybe we should forge a cross-blog link with them?



Blog comment delay explanation…

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Legal Pluralism

Should ethnic and religious minorities be allowed to use traditional or religious laws to settle civil disputes (not criminal)?

See for a discussion – but I would advise you to follow the links and listen to the associated programme first – I heard some of the speakers today – and some argue their case very well…

keep it going on the slavery debate also…


Slavery and Aplogy debate continued

Wikipedia has an article on proposals for Slavery reparations at – which may be helpful re the debate below – you may wish to use the comments on this post to carry on discussions – as they may be getting rather long on the post below.

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UPDATED: Creationism in Schools…

Thanks to one of the second years for this extra link on this story:

—————— has a story about attempts to push ID / Creationism back into school science lessons…

Should we keep faith-based approaches in Religious Education lessons – or allow them to be taught as science? How do you answer the ‘it is just another theory’ approach?

keep going with the slave-trade debate – but hope some of you (esp RPE201: Philosophy, Science and Belief students) will comment on this…


Ethics, Apologies and the Slave Trade

The BBC is reporting that Tony Blair has expressed his ‘sorrow’ over Britain’s role in the slave trade – but stopped short of a full apology – apparently because of fears that this may lead to demands for (financial) reparations.

You may wish to read what New Nation (the UK’s best selling ‘Black Newspaper’) has to say on the matter – and they have the full text of Blair’s speech.

The BBC‘s 10 Facts About British Slavery may also help inform your view.

What is your view?

Should nations / Governemnts apologise? Who to?

Are financial reparations appropriate?

I look forward to your comments – –


Christmas Meal

Hi. Some of the Student Reps wanted to know how much interest there was – as they are planning an RPE Xmas event…

A meal is the plan – venue suggestions welcome – and a final annoucement will go on the blog once it is settled…

The date will be the 13th of December – to avoid putting the student rep e-mail on the blog (i.e. the web) and them being bombarded with junk e-mail, send e-mail to me with the subject line ‘xmas meal’ and I will get my e-mail to auto-forward them…