Christmas Meal

Hi. Some of the Student Reps wanted to know how much interest there was – as they are planning an RPE Xmas event…

A meal is the plan – venue suggestions welcome – and a final annoucement will go on the blog once it is settled…

The date will be the 13th of December – to avoid putting the student rep e-mail on the blog (i.e. the web) and them being bombarded with junk e-mail, send e-mail to me with the subject line ‘xmas meal’ and I will get my e-mail to auto-forward them…



10 thoughts on “Christmas Meal

  1. I hope this includes first years. My first suggestion is Dave’s house (he never seems to have enough to do)? Seriously though, Carol did some digging around and saw that there are very good meals here in the ‘Gloucester Suite’, made by the catering faculty. Might be a bit too posh for the riff raff that RPE seems to attract, though. But, seriously, the meals are cheap and look pretty good and they have a Christmas menu. Drinking and driving not an issue – except for the mugs who live in the valleys.


  2. Great Idea!! Also the Namaste Indian Restaurant is another option. I will wait to see what happens anyway…..Rock On RPE Crazy Posse!!!


  3. The idea of a function room at a pub was mentioned by Dave today, could I suggest we go with that, but have them put on a spread perhaps?


  4. I’m going to go and gate crash a first year lecture on monday morning to see how many wat to come. only problem i can see with a function room is the us and them mentality which i think is not the right approach to take


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