Christmas Meal…

NEWSFLASH: The Christmas RPE Student meal is booked: It will be at the Balti on the Bath Road at 6pm on Wednesday 13th December.

However – they do need some idea of numbers – so let the student reps know (I will e-mail the contact for the second years who have booked it to all current students on Tueday 5th December – let me know if you don’t get that e-mail)

Or let me know – and I will pass on requests for details, etc…


14 thoughts on “Christmas Meal…

  1. wow i only sent the email 3/4 of an hour ago. amazingly quick! course staff can come the more the merrier!! may be quite interesting to see staff getting a bit sqyiffy…


  2. wooooooohooooooooooooo. jolly good. i’m going to be bringing my camera to document the evening. if any of them are any good, i’ll send them to dave to put up on the blog. providing i get approval for everyone because of the legal obligation to


  3. Finally, something is being done!!! Now all we need is to get everybody on board from RPE Levels 1 & 2 and it should be a great chance for First Years to get to meet the Second Years. Good Choice of venue as well, well done all those involved!


  4. Loony Christmas traditions. Firstly, laws related to Christmas Day. It’s an offence to eat a bird that’s not goose, it’s illegal to drive to church, Henry VIII banned sport, Elizabeth I outlawed salmon fishing – and Oliver Cromwell’s ban on Christmas still stands. A lump of coal – or black diamond – in your stocking actually originated in Italy. Finally, don’t turn your Christmas lights on before December 24 or you’ll attract evil spirits…


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