Convert or Die?

Thanks to Jason (level 2) for this link to a Christian computer game story – in which you have to convert or kill the heathens…


2 thoughts on “Convert or Die?

  1. ….. That’s shocking. Still, i remember some sort of ‘delta force’ game having a massively anti-muslim feel a few years ago (where the missions were just to gun down every ‘foreigner’ you could find) It seems a little strange that the group most vocally condemning about banning violent games (American christians) will happily condone it if it serves their cause.


  2. Thanks, Jason, for finding this article. Secular society, hey? It’s great. You get it in the neck if you wear a headscarf. You get it in the neck if you wear a cross. But as long as somebody is making a measly dividend all of a sudden you can have ‘religion’ in the public sector.Frichner’s a well-informed man. I like his idea of pacifism. As long as you’re gunning the baddie, what’s violent about that? Yep. That’s a sharp, smart definition of pacifism. And he’s sharply accurate on the Muslim idea of Jesus too.I think we need Borat to have a go with the game. I’m sure he’d love it. Gratuitous humour is the only way to square gratuitous violence, coz I don’t think Frichner is the kind of guy who gravitates towards reading up on a subject. Six figures would be his idea of ‘well-informed’. Borat’s spotlight on idiocy would be the only way for an idiot to see his idiocy.


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