UK Association for Buddhist Studies: Conference 6-8 July 2007

The Teaching of Buddhism in Higher Education
St Anne’s College, Oxford
In association with the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies ( )
Conference 6-8 July 2007
Cheers, Dave

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (RPE) Summer Meal

Thanks to the Student Reps who have organised this. Following the success of the RPE Xmas meal, we are now having an event on Wednesday 13th Jun 2007 at 6pm. It will be at the Cheltenham Tandoori (details below).

If you want to come, and have not told Shajaat (or your student rep) – I can pass on a message – so we have an idea of numbers…

See you there – – Dave

Summer Competition

Yes, a Summer competition. In the style of local newspapers everywhere, I thought students might want to show us where they get to this summer by sending in pics of themselves with the Dept of Humanities brochure…

Prizes may be forthcoming… Brochures can be found outside my office (QW219) – or at reception, or from Patricia Downes in the UMS office…

To get us started – see the RPE Photo album where pictures will be posted, one to get you started is there already…