Love, Sex, Death and Podcasting

Those of you preparing for your third year of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (rather than just relaxing all summer), will have noted the module Love, Sex and Death. I just came across a really intriguing podcast at:
which I thought would make an interesting pre-module listen. Enjoy…


One thought on “Love, Sex, Death and Podcasting

  1. I laughed out loud at the story where the Nasa employee, in a hairy fit to get to her lover on the other side of the country to murder him (?), wore a nappy to eliminate the tiresome detail of stopping to relieve herself to economise on time. Nappy-wearing is a Nasa strategy to avoid any humiliation on the thrust of take-off. Maybe Jean Smith, the flirting expert, might emphasise nappy-wearing is probably not putting your best foot forward as a ruse to flirting, just in case anybody is unsure, like the psychologically and emotionally fit Nasa girl. But by far the most entertaining bit of the podcast is the last few minutes where Jonny Berliner sings a little song about sweetness, chocolate, honey and diabetes. I was a mug and just sat listening to the whole podcast, but my endurance was finally rewarded with this last little performance


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