Where do philosophers go?

We were very pleased with the success of our call for accounts of how people started out as philosphers – how they ended up in this profession / calling / vocation/ etc – see http://r-p-e.blogspot.com/2007/05/starting-out-as-philosopher-and-levels.html – for people’s stories: some very intriguing ones.

I thought it might be of interest to see where – after starting out – people felt the study of philosophy had taken them in their lives: and the impact thereupon (a real word?)…

comment welcome via the blog here…



One thought on “Where do philosophers go?

  1. I did not contribute to the first, but I only saw it this evening – and I’m about to put the children to bed. If I don’t write now, I never will. So here goes: I started out dreaming about doing a degree in philosophy, but I did one in English instead. A Master. However, I was able to move to England and do a PhD in Philosophy. When I finished, I was temping here in Norway in both English and Philosophy, before getting my first real break teaching Business English. Before then, when I applied for posts in English they said I was really a philosopher – and vice versa. Now, all of a sudden, I could get jobs in both disciplines. I’ve been back and forth, but I’m now happy as a professor of Philosophy. I’m happy that I can earn a good living pursuing questions that intrigue me!


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