RPE208 wiki

Please visit http://rpe208.wikispaces.com/ to see (and register to edit) the Indian Religions module wiki for what will be a student-written glossary of terms for that module (mainly Hindu and Buddhist terms).



Battleground God game

Hi. I just completed the game at http://www.philosophersnet.com/games/god.htm which assesses how coherent your beliefs are about God / what we can know about God. You may enjoy it…

I note that at the end – the Philosopher’s Magazine trys to sell you a book, by one….. Roy Jackson… Try the game – and if you don’t do too well – you know who to ask for help…

Cheers, Dave

Greetings from Beijing

Apologies for the lack of updates, but I have discovered that blogspot.com addresses seem to be unavailable in China (but I am able to post to it). Having talked about the RPE blog this morning, I am looking forward to getting back to the University and to teaching.

I think the thing about the RPE blog that has interested people here is the manner in which Humanities students (thought of as bookish and un-technical) have grasped the opportunity to use a discursive on-line forum. I explained that RPE students never turn down a chance to argue: be it with each other, the staff – or anyone else for that matter…

Well – see you all back in the UK – RPE301, Love Sex and Death on monday!


A Year in the Blogosphere…

Hi – this is a quick post to say: how has this year been for students and other readers of this blog: In what ways has it been of useful / interesting / annoying – -etc…

I am also posting this to invite comments from those attending my E-Learn paper (in case you’re too shy to speak in the session).

I am about to go and do my presentation – so hope this post will gather some comments over the next few days…


E-Learn 07 part2, Quebec City

Ok – as the days pass here in Quebec City, I get nearer to my paper (Thursday) on a year of the RPE course blog, I have been astounded by the work being done in many institutions.

Once back, I hope we can use a wiki-based e-glossary for the RPE208 Indian Religions module – and in ethics, well: we think about examples a lot. We ask you think of scenarios. It was that I mind that I listened intently to a paper by Jennifer Jenson from York University, Canada on, of all things, Lego.

Now, some readers will be aware of the craze for on-line Lego based animation (or maybe the Lego Star Wars video games) – and you may have come across the Biblical re-enactments created using the little Danish blocks of plastic (and their virtual form). The package we were shown yesterday allowed users to drop in a backdrop, create unique Lego figures and speech-bubbles – and animate them using the virtual equivalent of stop animation. This may not sound immediately applicable to RPE – but think of spending an hour making a short Lego-animation that demonstrates an example of an ethical dilemma (with no actors, or awkward ethical restraints). Maybe I’ll have to do one to demonstrate that it really does work: I’ll link to some examples when I get the address…

Beyond that, there is a lot of good practice here in relation to all kinds of e-learning – including blogs: I’ll let you know what people think of this one…

Some pictures here too, to give a flavour of the event – and to show that I did find the local Buddhist Meditation centre (but it was closed)…


E-Learn 2007

Well, greetings from far away. I write from E-Learn 2007, in Quebec Canada: where I am talking about this blog. As some if you will recall it began following my visit to E-Learn 2006 (see http://r-p-e.blogspot.com/2006_10_01_archive.html and scroll to the bottom!)

It seems good to be back here to report on a year of using this blog – and using podcasts and the like. I hope we shall find ways on encouraging more of our students to be involved over the next year (so far, we have a group of very keen students who argue [about anything] , a large number of ‘lurkers’ (students who read the blog but do not join in) – and a few who do not read it all…

Anyway – as I find more technology and ideas here at the conference, I will post on the blog….

[BTW: it is freezing here!]