Philosophy & Ethics Reading Group

We will be meeting this evening (Tuesday 6th November) at 6pm in Bar Ha Ha in Montpellier to discuss Sartre’s Nausea. Even if you haven’t finished the book yet (or even started to read it!) you would still be more than welcome as I’m sure it will elicit some stimulating Existential discussion.
Also, we will be choosing our next book so please come along with some ideas…


2 thoughts on “Philosophy & Ethics Reading Group

  1. For those reading Nausea, check this video out – it is the song Roquentin requested on the gramophone on p. 35-38 – ‘you’ll miss me honey’ha ha

    I had a very fun (distracting) time listening to lots of different versions of ‘Some of these days’ on YouTube – existential angst? Is jazz particularly existential? Is blues particularly existential? The little video, is like to a David Lynch/Fellini narrative – existential or a stickler for detail?


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