Upcoming Events: Islam and the Veil Conference, Islam and Nietzsche Paper

Just to let people know on Tuesday 29th April 2008, the University of Gloucestershire is hosting a conference on Islam and the Veil.

Contact Patricia Downes pdownes@glos.ac.uk for details. Or click HERE for the brochure.

The programme includes the following sessions
Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke (Oxford): Respect in a Plural Society
Dr Simonetta Calderini (University of Roehampton): Veiling among Ismaili Women
Mrs Sariya Contractor (University of Gloucestershire): The Hijab, a Symbol of Muslim Women’s Identity

Mrs Rabiha Hannan (SACRE, Leicester): An exploration of head covering and face veiling among Muslim women in Leicester.
Also – don’t forget Roy’s paper at the Gloucesterhire Philosophical Society – on Islam and Nietzsche is on the 12th of March see: http://r-p-e.blogspot.com/2008/01/gloucestershire-philosophical-society.html for details: all welcome

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events: Islam and the Veil Conference, Islam and Nietzsche Paper

  1. Well, be sure to include the fact that Muslim women (with the exception of the Prophet’s wives ONLY) did not wear the veil until the 10th century, that it was imposed by Arab warlords and not by the Prophet, that Queen Rania has appealed to imams to correct this deadly (vitamin D deficiency leading to cancer, all kinds of skin disorders, and the birth of children with low bone density) and anti-Islamic “habit”. The *spread* of the veil is purely political in these times, and we’ll know women and men are truly equal when men put up with 1,100 years of veiling as an apology to all the illiterate Muslim women who have trusted them when they said the veil was required in Islam. And there should be a special hell for the Spin Sisters who call up other Muslim women (like the women from MSA) and scream at them on the telephone until they veil out of fear.If you did not know ALL of this, you should cancel this seminar until you get an education. That goes doubly if this even is funded by anyone with affiliation to any mosque, because, if it is, you’ve been had.


  2. Thanks for the comment anon: those at the event were able to give a lot of the historical and political context that you mention. The event was, however, in April. There will be another Islam conference next year – so keep an eye out for details on that…d.


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