Philosophy Reading Group News


The Philosophy Reading Group has been formally upgraded to a shiny university society. We will now be known as ‘The Philosophy Society’. The benefits are unlimited, the greatest one being that we now have a comfortable venue for the year – The Gallery Room above the SU Bar at The Park Campus. We will meet on the first Thursday of every month, the first will be 2nd October 2008.

‘The Philosophy Society’ will have a stall at The Freshers’ Fayre in September. I am looking for somebody to help man the table with me – if you are interested please email me.

Books discussed in last year’s group included works by Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Tom Stoppard and Sartre. Our first meeting will be to brainstorm possibilities for the ’08-’09 year. All ideas will be greatly welcomed.

Any questions or ideas can be sent to me. My email address is:

Until then,