A warm welcome to the new RPE students

It’s the start of a new academic year and, hopefully, lots of interesting comments and debates on the RPE blog. Do make your voice heard and I hope you visit this site frequently as it is not only a place for debate, but also for useful information.

Enjoy induction week, and all the RPE staff look forward to seeing you in class.

More details of induction week can be found at:

Oh, and for Wednesday evening for the Project, the website for the Exmouth Arms can be found at: http://theexmouth.co.uk/


2 thoughts on “A warm welcome to the new RPE students

  1. Let me add my voice to Roy's: Welcome to the new students, and to our returning groups:

    please do explore the blog archives, as well as checking the new and current posts – – all sorts of things can be found lurking in the archives!



  2. Welcome also from postgradland, not so far away from undergrad. I am also a link to The Philosophy Society and a general advocate for the RPE course. Congratulations to all of you who have been accepted onto this course. The University of Gloucestershire, has the best RPE/Philosophy modules and lecturers that you will probably find in the UK (in my humble opinion)


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