Gloucestershire Philosophical Society – next talk

Prof Mike McNamee (Swansea University) – 

The Idea of Ethical Expertise

16 February · 19:30 – 21:30

Location Rm HC203, FCH, Uni of Gloucestershire

Swindon Rd
Cheltenham, United Kingdom
More info The Idea of Ethical Expertise.

In recent years, there has been considerable discussion of the nature and purpose of ethicists, e.g. medical, in the public domain. But is their work susceptible of expertise? Prof. McNamee argues against the ideal, and argues for the ancient Greek concepts of techne (craft knowledge) and phronesis (practical wisdom).

Students (and the public) are welcome to attend this event..


Thai Buddhist Sect – photo essay

Many thanks to my good friend Dr Paul Fuller, for pointing me in the direction of THIS article at Foreign Policy Magazine.

It is about the Dhammakaya movement (this is the link to their official website – some interesting pics HERE too),and the piece uses the word ‘cult’ rather easily. The movement (read a little HERE about it) has had controversy in the past, but remains hugely popular in Thailand and beyond. What is more striking about the Foreign Policy article is the truly amazing photos: they are copyrighted – so I won’t re-post – but well worth it…

You can see a Dhammakaya Promotional Video below if you’re interested…. (a clearly an ‘insider’ perspective from the organisation –  with some cheesy music – but interesting)