Summer on Campus

Just took this (effect via InstaGram) as I walked across campus…

Lively debate..

You can tell all essays are in: our students have become very lively over on the course Facebook page at

Lots of discussion of brain-gym, the ebacc and Religious Studies in schools, philosophy in schools and more. All are welcome to join the Facebook group and join in..


Philosophy dead?

Stephen Hawking, in a Telegraph piece this morning, declares that Philosophy is dead:

But almost all of us must sometimes wonder: Why are we here? Where do we come from? Traditionally, these are questions for philosophy, but philosophy is dead

There is a series of comments attached to the piece itself: my initial reaction was he has a very narrow sense here of what philosophy is, and what it is for….

Do others agree? (for comments via our Facebook group see: )

The nice people at Philosophy Now have taken a response by Chris Norris from behind their paywall – so we can all read it – – thanks to them…


Gloucestershire Philosophical Society- The Politics of Human Nature: A Study of Power and Authority"

Gloucestershire Philosophical Society

 Wednesday, May 11th., 7.30.p.m. at FCH Room HC203

Harry Cowen, University of Gloucestershire, will give a talk on

 “The Politics of Human Nature: A Study of Power and Authority”.

The talk will focus on the conservative orientation towards power relations and authority, unpicking the ‘human nature’ assumptions that underpin tradition, power and social change.


All welcome.

FCH Campus is in Cheltenham.