UKABS Annual Conference 2011

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United Kingdom Association for Buddhist Studies
8th September 2011, 9.30am-6.00pm, Khalili Lecture Theatre,
School of Oriental and African Studies,
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, 
London WC1H 0XG.

Registration fee:
(includes tea/coffee but not lunch)
£10 (£5 unwaged) for UKABS members
£25 (£15 unwaged) for non-members
Further information:
To register or for further details, please contact UKABS Treasurer, Dr. Naomi Appleton (

Keynote Lectures:

Professor Max Deeg (Cardiff University): How the Dharma Came to the Region – Buddhist Foundation Legends.

Dr Ulrike Roesler (University of Oxford): “Lives of Liberation”: Biographical writing in Tibet.
University of Cambridge Research Project Presentation: Transforming Technologies and Buddhist Book Culture: the introduction of printing and digital text reproduction in Tibetan societies (Dr Hildegard Diemberger).

Postgraduate Panel:

Karen Liljenberg (SOAS) The Thirteen Later Translations of the rDzogs chen Mind Series: an overview.
Alastair Gornall (University of Cambridge) The Buddhism of Grammar in 12th Century Sri Lanka: An Alternative Perspective on the Saṅgha Reforms of Parākramābāhu I.
Eva Preschern (Canterbury Christ Church University) Tibetan Stūpas in Modern Europe: The Opportunities and Risks of Constructing Buddhist Monuments in a New Cultural Context.
Andrew J. Wormald (University of Bristol) The Role of Meditation in Contemporary Chinese Buddhist Identity in mainland China.

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