RPE Day Trip to London

7:30am – a bit early to be on campus…

Last Friday saw staff and students head to London for a day trip..

After an early start at FCH campus, we arrived at the Swaminaryan Mandir in Neasden, where we witnessed Aarti.. 

After substantial shopping in the gift shop, it was back on the coach, to head to central London.

The Swaminaryan Mandir in Neasden

We then had a little free time, for most of us this meant coffee and some people-watching..

Then we entered the British Museum, and Roy sorted tickets and we entered the Hajj Exhibition

This was very impressive and well-laid out. There was so much to take in, and so much detail, and I felt that I had learnt a lot… I hope the students felt the same way…

There is a good video re the Hajj which you can see at http://bri.mu/ppPcPg  – as well as the one here…

Then it was rather a long coach trip back – but overall this was a really good day out – there will be more pics on the course Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RPEglos/ 

After Easter we will be doing a day in Oxford, looking at material in the Ashmolean Museum



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