Come and hear a paper – ‘Feminist Appropriations of Spinoza’ – by, arguably, Britain’s best-known feminist philosopher of religion!

Come and hear a paper – ‘Feminist Appropriations of Spinoza’ – by, arguably, Britain’s best-known feminist philosopher of religion!
Monday 11 March, 2013, Dr Pamela Sue Anderson, (Regent’s Park College, Oxford) ‘Feminist Appropriations of Spinoza and the Contemporary ‘Re-visioning’ of the Philosophy of Religion’.

 5.30 – 7.00, Francis Close Hall, room HC204

Dr. Pamela Sue Anderson is the Dean of Regent’s Park College on Pusey Street, where she teaches philosophy as a Tutorial Fellow. 
She is the author of Ricoeur and Kant (1993) and A Feminist Philosophy of Religion (1998); she has published articles in various journals, including The International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, Sophia, and Feminist Theory in which she published ‘Autonomy, Vulnerability and Gender’ (August 2003). Her books include a collection of critical essays, Feminist Philosophy of Religion: Critical Readings (2004) co-edited with Beverley Clack and, with Jordan Bell in 2010,  Kant and Theology and Re-visioning Gender in Philosophy of Religion (Intensities: Contemporary Continental Philosophy of Religion) in 2012.

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