Lots of events for students..

As lectures begin, there are also various other events for RPE students to attend locally.  Cheltenham Skeptics in the Pub meets regularly (oddly enough, in a pub) – and there is a talk about Scientology this week that  should interest those doing RPE. The website has details: http://cheltenham.skepticsinthepub.org 

We also have, locally, Gloucestershire Philosophical Society, who meet at out FCH campus  (where RPE is based). Students are very welcome at their talks – see http://www.glosphilsoc.co.uk/whatson.html for the current list of upcoming talks. Note the Dr William Large, one of the RPE staff, will be doing one of the GPS talks this term.

FCH Campus..

As well as these events, well shortly be announcing some details of RPE seminars and trips this academic year. We hope to repeat the Diwali trip (to glamorous Leicester), as well as the 2nd year trip to Spain of course..

Cheers, Dave.


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