Cats on Campus?

The mysterious FCH cat..

I noticed yesterday that when I post important matters on the RPE Facebook group, I get a few likes – some intelligent comment – but when I post a picture of a cat on FCH campus: the likes go wild…

Now – everyone knows that I like cats, have cats, and have been known to include cat memes in presentations – but this fever for the campus cat seems beyond reason?

If you spot the cat on site – email me a picture and I’ll pop it on our course Flickr page at


One thought on “Cats on Campus?

  1. Yes, it's very beyond reason. it's called the taboo of vanity. Things that are meaningless, like that pointless picture of a cat to the left of this post, can get mass amounts of attention easily. But something with real meaning, like a post on Religion, Philosophy or Ethics, something that's actually important, gets shunned and avoided by the world. Behold the taboo of vanity, the bane of societal Virtue.


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