September Open Day..

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Thanks to all who came to today’s Open Day: it was a busy, cookie-eating, coffee-sustained adventure in the marquee.

If you missed it – don’t panic! There are more events – see HERE for information about other upcoming Open Days..

As ever, the links above will tell you more about the RPE Course at Gloucestershire – and you can also take a look at the University’s official RPE page at


RPE Diwali trip – October 23rd

This year the RPE Diwali trip to Leicester will be on the evening of October 23rd: on-line shop for tickets will be up soon – I’ll email all students once it is.. The cost will be minimal, just a small contribution towards the coach hire.
Pictures of previous RPE visits are also visible via scrolling through the RPE Flickr site at but here’s some anyway: 

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics – Open Days at the University of Gloucestershire..

We have three Open Days this term – so if you want to find out more about Religion, Philosophy & Ethics (RPE) here at Gloucestershire (at the FCH Campus in Cheltenham). Find out more at:

How do students rate us? See our National Student Survey Results:
And click these images, to enlarge, to see how Religion, Philosophy & Ethics at the University of Gloucestershire did in the recent National Student Survey… (hint – we scored 100% for Overall Student Satisfaction..)


So – today is probably the most exciting day of the year: we meet the new RPE First Year..

If you are one of these wise people – it’s probably worth joining the RPE Facebook group at   You can see more about the staff (so you can remember who is who!) HERE
This week is full of activity – and the Induction schedule can be seen via HERE.
Any questions – just find, or email, one of the tutors – or those helpful Student Ambassador types hanging round campus will be happy to help..
See you in the Welcome meeting, the Course briefing, at the free lunch grill BBQ thing, and – of course – on Twitter at @RPEatGlos