Visits, Applicant Days, excitement..

Last week was a full one!

We had an Applicant Day on the Thursday – when visitors learnt more about our course, wandered around the campus, and met some of our amazing students (oh, and the RPE staff).

RPE & History Students at Applicant Day

As well as a trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford on Tuesday, we went to London. The students on the the London trip on Wednesday were from RPE, History and TRS – and we began at the Swaminaryan Mandir in Neasden. We had a talk, with a Q&A session, a chance to look round (including the obligatory shop visit) – and then the chance to observe an act of worship – Puja, in the form of Arti. Students were amazed by the building (which is impressive) – but also the worship gave them a chance to make sense of the function of the building, and links with what we’d studied.

After the coach had navigated London, we then found ourselves at the British Museum. Frist stop – the Cafe. Then we had a few hours to explore. However long you have here – it is never long enough. I (no surprise) wanted to see the extensive collection of Gandhara Buddha statues. Students followed their own interests (including more visits to gift shops), before a coach back to Cheltenham in the evening…

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