Applicant Day – February 18th for Religion, Philosophy & Ethics applicants.

This coming week, on Thursday 18th February, we’ll be holding the first of this year’s Applicant Visit Days. If you’ve applied to start RPE in September 2016 – these events are for you!

 If you haven’t booked for this (or the the 10th March applicant day) – you can do this at:

There will be a ‘taster’ session with Dr William Large, Course Leader for RPE:

The Examined Life – Plato famously said that an unexamined life was not worth living. But what is an unexamined life? How would you live a life that had no Religion, Philosophy and Ethics in it, and if you did would that really be a problem?

There will also be lots of opportunity to find out more about the RPE course and community here at  or on Twitter at @RPEatGlos. As well as the academic side of being a student, there will also be the chance to ask about finance, accommodation and the social aspects of student life! 

Gloucestershire. You can also see our Facebook group at

See you there..

Students on the Spain field trip module..


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