Free-Will debate with new students..

So, last night, we went to Copa in Cheltenham – and Dave and Roy argued about Free-Will. Dave argued for free-will.. Roy argued that we do not have Free-will. We met today for a vote.. here are the results and reasons.. [Click an image to expand it..]


Are Pornographers Anti-Sex? RPE Professor on Radio 4.

RPE’s Professor Melissa Raphael was on Radio Four last night – and you can listen again at  

Melissa Raphael argues that if people are shocked by contemporary pornography it’s not because they are prudes but because, on the contrary, they actually enjoy sex. Pornography, she says, gets its thrill not from sex itself, which it finds monotonous, even disgusting, but from its own acts of transgression. Ironically, she argues, “while pornography has intensified its onslaught against sex, religious attitudes to sex have got ever more celebratory”.

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